City-Regions in Prospect

The City-Region Studies Centre is pleased to announce the publication of “City-Regions in Prospect?”, a collected volume of essays exploring municipal governance developments in theory and practice.  The origins of the book relate to a workshop and conference organized in collaboration with the Capital Region Board.  A collection of leading scholars were brought together to reflect upon the value of city-regional and metropolitan forms of government and to inform the value of these approaches to thinking about governance adaptation amongst capital region communities.  The eventual publication of this manuscript represents a maturing of these early conversations, and a vibrant exchange between authors and editors.

Jones, Kevin Edson, Alex Lord and Rob Shields. 2015. City-Regions in Prospect? Exploring Points between Place and Practice. Montreal & Kingston, MQUP.

Buy online: http://www.mqup.ca/city-regions-in-prospect--products-9780773546042.php

“How should the metropolis be governed? What is the appropriate scale to consider and organize local governments and communities? Bringing together an interdisciplinary and international body of scholarly work, City-Regions in Prospect? explores the city-region is both an evolving concept and is a growing area of planning practice.

Contributors raise critical questions about the ways in which governance reform is being reshaped and whether current trends towards rescaling and rebounding cities actually address the local challenges arising from urbanization and globalization. These essays highlight the tensions and uncertainties between the city-region as a concept and the experiences of local communities when municipal policies are applied.

Proposing a challenge to scholars and municipal leaders to account for flexibility, adaptability to local contexts, social robustness, and community engagement, City-Regions in Prospect? captures the growing relevance and importance of cities in a rapidly urbanizing world.”

“City-Regions in Prospect? makes a very significant contribution to our research knowledge on the planning and politics of city-regions.  It will be appreciated by academics, professionals, and students interested in the theory, practice, and future of city regions as a venue for urban problem-solving.”

Paul Kantor, Fordham University.



Curb 6.1 Homelessness:Social Equity in the City Out Now!

This issue of Curb will addresses social equity in our cities and communities, focusing on the topic of housing and homelessness. It discusses the challenges of providing affordable housing and combating the systemic issues linked to homelessness and precarious housing situations. The guiding question is: How can we make our cities more inclusive? Topics explored include sustainability and affordable housing; programs to end homelessness; senior’s housing; migration, mobility and housing; housing shortages; effective affordable housing policies. 

Rural Development: Knowledge and Expertise in Governance, Kristof Van Assche & Anna-Katharina Hornidge

- this book offers a unique perspective on rural development, by discussing the most influential perspectives and rendering their risks and benefits visible. The authors do not present a silver bullet. Rather, they give students, researchers, community leaders, politicians, concerned citizens and development organizations the conceptual tools to understand how things are organized now, which development path has already been taken, and how things could possibly move in a different direction. Available on Amazon.com