Evolving Governance in Canada's Resource Communities

Rapid growth and decay of rural communities has been a hallmark of Western Canadian development for decades. This is not necessarily problematic, and it may not be desirable to impose a rigid sustainability paradigm, but in many cases it has interfered with communities achieving desired outcomes and has resulted in environmental degradation. The link between these boom-bust patterns of change and the management of natural resource development is often strong, and is often presented as natural. We suggest that there are more resilient paths of development, even with a strong emphasis on natural resource development as a means of economic generation. Our central concept is governance, the taking of collectively binding decisions in networks of governmental and other actors; governance is understood as the result of the previous steps in governance; rules and roles emerge in this evolution, and influence the way new actors can find a role, and new policies, laws or plans will be implemented, or not. Click here to find out more.

Nanotechnology and The Community

Community Learning and Engagement. Join us and learn about nanotechnology development in Edmonton, and participate in a conversation about innovation and the future of the city.  Click here to find out more. NEW! Citizen Summit draft report and Futurescape City Tours (FCT) - YEG report



Curb 5.3 Are We There Yet?! Transportation & the Shape of our Cities: Out Now!

- this issue of Curb explores the role of transportation in influencing the design, lived experience and identities of cities. It addresses the intersection between transportation, land-use, urban form and quality of life, examining how transportation systems have affected what our cities look like today and to envision alternatives to shape the cities of tomorrow. Some topics include Complete Streets, how rail shapes our cities, and the challenges and opportunities presented by aging infrastructure.

Rural Development: Knowledge and Expertise in Governance, Kristof Van Assche & Anna-Katharina Hornidge

- this book offers a unique perspective on rural development, by discussing the most influential perspectives and rendering their risks and benefits visible. The authors do not present a silver bullet. Rather, they give students, researchers, community leaders, politicians, concerned citizens and development organizations the conceptual tools to understand how things are organized now, which development path has already been taken, and how things could possibly move in a different direction. Available on